Express Yourself

Nifty Nails helps you express yourself through eye-catching and creative nail art. Discover how to let your unique personality shine with our gorgeous nail art kits and accessories.


I love getting creative with nail art!

People would always comment on how amazing my nails were and wanted to learn how they could do the same, or if I could do their nails for them.

Nail art is the way I like to express myself and I started Nifty Nails so I could help others to do the same. I want as many people as possible to learn how to express themselves and feel great about who they truly are.

I’ve put together my own unique range of creative nail art kits and accessories,  check them out! I’m going to expand with more cool things very soon.

If I can help you out in anyway, please get in touch.

Peta Kitney
Founder of Nifty Nails NZ